Our goal is to maximize settlement dollars for the client, with or without a structured settlement annuity...

  • Client driven, not commission driven
  • Exceptional service from start to finish
  • Added value of 30+ years of personal injury litigation
  • Personal experience and expertise with special needs trust and government benefits
  • Forward approach in due diligence issues — documenting file with meetings/quotes/letter of rejection or structured settlement annuity offer
  • Present all quotes and financial rating information for consideration; advocate split-funding with more than one company to diminish risk
  • Promote balanced allocation of cash and structured settlement annuity with clients needs as priority
  • Unbiased trust consulting and resources for all types of trusts (Special Needs, Medicare Set Aside, Minors Spendthrift, Qualified Settlement Funds) NO referral fees.
  • Aggressive shopping of quotes and updating quotes with improved rate changes to maximize cost savings in structured settlement annuities
  • Recommend "NO" structure when not appropriate
  • Bilingual Services

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