An Indispensable Partner In Settlement Planning And Structured Settlement Services

With extensive backgrounds in insurance, personal injury litigation and financial services, founders Carola M. Davis and John H. Davis have the experience and knowledge to provide significant benefit to settlement beneficiaries and their attorneys.

From their office in New Braunfels, Texas, the firm serves clients in San Antonio, Austin and throughout the country. They can determine the benefits of and allocations to cash, Structured Settlement Annuities, Medicare Set-Aside Trusts, Spendthrift Trusts, Special Needs Trusts and Minor's Trusts with consideration to estate tax planning and individual tax consequences.

John Davis is an experienced former trial attorney who, since 1968, successfully litigated many personal injury and product liability cases. He understands legal matters from the attorney and client perspectives.

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The Goal: To Maximize Your Settlement

Davis Settlement Partners collaborates with independent professionals to identify and execute the best settlement plans for our clients. Whether you are an attorney who is seeking the best settlement outcome for a client or someone who was severely injured in an accident, our goal is to maximize your settlement dollars.

In some cases, reaching this goal may require the use of a Structured Settlement Annuity. In others, not using a structured settlement annuity to fund a Medicare Set Aside would be better suited to the client's needs, or a "spend-down" to avoid losing government benefits. In all cases you can count on Davis Settlement Partners to help you analyze all the alternatives that would benefit your client.

To discuss your options for creative settlement planning, contact our settlement planning specialist today.

The firm has years of experience in crafting structured settlements and other financial options, in family law, employment law, construction, breach of contract, disability policies, punitive damages, transactional litigation, estate litigation, whistle blower (qui tam), and the unique opportunity of ensuring the lifetime of a special needs trusts in personal injury cases.

Whether you are a plaintiff, an injured party, or an attorney, you may benefit from the following information about structured settlements.